by The Crayon Set



released March 29, 2014

"Attack" is also available on ITunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3, Google Play and Rhapsody.

"Attack" was produced by Karl Odlum & The Crayon Set
Recorded in Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin.
Mastered by Pete Maher

For new fans we're also including 2 tracks from our debut album and a new demo "Closed Lines".



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The Crayon Set Dublin, Ireland

The Crayon Set are an alternative indie-folk-pop band based in Dublin, Ireland. They released their debut album in April 2013. and a new single "Attack" in March 2014.

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Track Name: Attack
"Baby drop the bomb" etc
Track Name: Wonderland
Big city lights, small quiet room
A king on a throne, surveys the ruin
Your lines are closed, your mind engaged
The lights still on, there's fine detail.
Your secret plans in wonderland

It doesn't have to be that way
It doesn't really have to be that way.

Now you're back at work, on the seventh floor
you count the clock, and the boss keeps score
You gotta pick right up, where you left off
Just break for lunch, walk round the block
Still making plans in wonderland

It doesn't have to be that way
It doesn't really have to be that way..

In the race to succeed you've got to open your eyes, to see the warning lights
Sometimes the only thing that's worse than being wrong, is being right

you stop start bleeding
you stop start fading
you stop start grieving
you stop dreaming... you start leaving
Track Name: Eurodisco
I followed your footprint trail, on the sand
I just wanted you to understand

Look what washed up on your shore
Not what you’d been waiting for

We’d only come to worship your sun
I could have been anyone

You took me to your broken home
Where you said we’d be all alone
I wrote it all down so I wouldn’t forget
We did nothing that we should regret

Tell everybody here, The past stops here
Tell them what you fear , As the future draws near

I watched you take off your clothes, by the pool
I’d waited there all afternoon

The palm trees knodded off to sleep
As we drove down foreign streets

You drive on the wrong side
But I’m the one from out of town

We went to the Eurodisco
And danced to Eurodisco

I know there was something that I should have said
But the words went right out of my head

Tell everybody there, they’re playing truth or dare
Tell them that you care, that you believe in what’s fair

Ah – there’ll be no closing time, the party never ends
I can pack lightly, just for the weekend
We can do it all again, and I can just pretend, and I can just pretend

We can fly low-fare, we can go anywhere
And down at the Eurodisco, we'll dance to Eurodisco